Ruth- My Dad’s really weird

Devlin- Oh yep

Otto- My parents are really weird too

Madi- Aren’t all parents weird?

Devlin- My parents are weird

Madi- So are mine

All- Yeah

Madi- Especially when the music just suddenly turns up loud and they tell you to go to bed! and your just kinda like ye…

Devlin- Well my parents don’t listen to music cause they don’t really have many friends

Ruth- Yeah

Otto- My parents don’t have many friends either

Devlin- My parents are pretty chill

Otto- Yeah

Madi- Thats okay,

Ruth- Yeah

Madi- Your parents will make friends

Otto- Yeah

Devlin- Nah, my parents won’t make friends, they just don’t like.. umm..

Madi- They don’t mingle

Devlin- Yeah

Madi- They are introverts

Devlin- They just keep to themselves

Devlin- Like when they were younger…yeah they did but like

Ruth- Yeah my parents don’t like

Madi- Well my mum..

Devlin- They are pretty old and crusty

Madi- Well my mum kinda…

Ruth- K. We gonna do this?

Devlin- I’m already recording!

Madi- We are recording!

Group laughter





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