A self-selected reading project, 6 independently selected texts including;

  • 2 extended texts (novel, autobiography…)
  • 2 other written texts (short stories, feature article)
  • 2 films (or other written texts)

Speak to me when selecting your text as they must be at least level 6 in the curriculum to qualify.

Once a text is read….

Write a journal entry in your blog;

  • Summarise, briefly the text: plot, characters, setting, genre
  • Identify any personal connections with the text, (situations/characters/ideas) explore how your thoughts have been challenged/reinforced/influenced by the text
  • Identify connections between the text and the world- contemporary or historical- and explain how your perception of these may have been influenced by the text.
  • Identify other texts that have similarities with this text and explore this comparison


What matters is that you show you have read the text in such depth that you’ve allowed your ideas to be influenced by it. And you must give evidence from the text when explaining this.

Respond now!


Notes of 1.10 Internal