Night vs day look at a city and the life surrounding it. The way the city is so full of life in the day and how people basically are in this formation and know exactly when to move and how fast, they weave. At night the air is cool and the cars look like they have eyes and the buildings lights make each one sparkle a slightly different colour tone.


The lake when the sun sets and how it sucks in the orange colours and all the blue you could see for miles disappears. Mountains become silhouetted and look as black as the night. The lake is calm no one is on it making little waves on the shores and silence has drifted over the sky and down into the valley from somewhere else where silence can no longer obtain as noise has pushed it else where. The day time has noise. Kids laughter, screams of fun and the loud chug or drop of motor boats. The lakes is pristine blue with brightly coloured umbrellas and towels line the beach.

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