A Quiet place directed by John Krasinski, is a gripping thriller film that is executed uniquely with a simple idea of monsters taking over. The film is based around the idea “if they hear you, they will hunt you”, as much as it is an affair for nerves it also is deeply affecting.

An insidious threat is placed over the world. Monsters have arrived and can only sense you with their hearing as they are blind to anything else. Silence is the key to this film, very little of the film is verbally communicated and it is these words that have been left out of the film create the biggest powerful impact. Silence is sometimes the scariest part of a film, it often screams louder than words. The plot focusses on a family who have survived numerous days in this world full of monsters. It is one story of a family crisis that is being communicated through a riveting film. The mother is expecting a new born just a year after they lost their son and is still grieving. The daughter is deaf and later finds out that it is a gift. The families other son is trying to find his bravery in this crisis. Together the father and mother are struggling to understand how they will protect their three children. 

No matter what age you may be, everyone has felt a sickening feeling of fear. Whatever way the fear arrived to you, it clings like a sticky mess. Throughout “A Quiet Place” each actor has many moments where the viewer will grip to their fear, at some points its telling you the story so you have to stay focused. It makes you feel unsettled. I personally understand fear, I have looked it in the eye, sensed it watching over my shoulder and held its hand walking a tightrope of choices. Sometimes feeling this fear makes us better for the outcome however in a world where each step we take could be the last would make you want to surrender everything. Often if people feel scared they turn their backs and walk away but at no point in this film do the family walk away. They are living and want to count their blessings for that, and they have devised a plan to welcome the biggest challenge yet, a newborn baby. I may not have been scared of monsters ruining the world but my fear has still been real. I have been in a situation where every part of myself just wanted to run. I sat at the top of a section of a river that last time chewed at my foot, spat my boat out and coughed up my shoes. It shredded my confidence and I knew if I didn’t go back to it, I would never forgive myself. I had to forget what was on my mind and remember what I could do. Just like the mother knew their could be a distraction and she could let this baby live. It may feel like fear lasts forever in our souls but it slowly is reduced when the smallest lightest things hit us. And we can smile and say that happened, now its over. 

When a family is below deep water they are in crisis. When a family is in crisis they stick together. When the family sticks together sometimes sacrifice is made. And when sacrifice is made, everyone knows that there is a thing called love. The family reaches a point where they no longer have to be silent but they have to fight. Stress, pain, protection and suffering are just a few of the keywords to describe what was going on. A mother and father will always feel like  they should protect and provide for their family. However throughout this film the mother and father are scared they cannot do such things. The father knows that a time of sacrifice might come their way, so he insists that he must teach his son ways to be brave and help the family. I relate to the son as my mum has always taught me things that she has done so I can help. Mum never thought that I needed to know because we could die of monsters, she just liked me to help out. Mum ended up swapping roles with me, whilst she was taken care of in hospital I became her and used the skills she had taught me to help look after the rest of my family. Crisis often pulls a family closer, the daughter still believed that her father blamed her for what happened to her youngest brother but it was not true. Her father loved her and wanted to do everything to save her. As a family I now understand why I am so grateful for them. We are here for each other any minute of any day.

A Quiet Place is greatly balanced with thrilling frights and light. It is another story of life and survival which brings out the greatest of expression among one family. Noise expression is lost in this film but it has one of the most powerful effects. Music, dance, laughter, voice, our world is loud and proud of that. We can not see this world, only imagine it.  

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