2. Analyse how language features were used to create a vivid setting

RED, WHITE BLACK, three colours at the beginning of the text which death talks about. They are the three colours of the era, world war two. 

Each colour sets the atmosphere, gives the reader a feeling. The colours that death uses at the beginning of the novel provoke many ideas of the reader and the plot. Death explains that he sees colour for every person’s death. Those colours represent that person’s story. For liesel however, he sees three prominent colours throughout a whole rainbow.

1939 Werner’s death, on the train, Nazi Germany, winter.

Use gritty words; compelled, directed me,

Point one: WHITE- White is the blinding colour, stops people to see through. White is like the unclear patch in Liesel’s life. It is unclear like cold condensation on glass, Liesels story starts on this blank slate with two people she loves dearly leaving her. The cold place she is in shares the thoughts of depression, sadness, anxiety about Nazi Germany. Cold in a literal sense, represents the hard times in the current winter in Germany. There is a lack of food, everything like Rosa Hubermanns pea soup is stretched out to last what seems like forever, the snow continues to cover the vast land, the embers in the fire are made to last till morning and the coldness all the people feel with little amounts of clothes.    

Point two: RED- The blood of the people sacrificed in the name of the good all. Red brings the feelings of anger and other fierce emotions, “the sky was like soup boiling and stirring,” this references  Liesel’s emotions which is pathetic fallacy. The environment is representing this characters emotions.  

Point three: BLACK- “Next a signature black”, Hitler created a revolutionary symbol that left a mark on the world. Black is the colour that is like a burden on Liesels life. For one black reminds the reader and Liesel of death. Death was constantly watching over Liesel through her life and it creates the image that Liesel had a tough emotional life at a young age. Black was the centre piece of the Nazi flag. It was the most prominent part to the flag. Its the one colour that over rides every colour thats why it was such a stand out in Liesels life. 



Intro: “Some of you are most likely thinking that white is not really a colour…..well I’m here to tell you that it is.” (page 7) “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, uses symbolism as a language feature. Colours are used as a significant 


Point One: “First up is something white. Of the blinding kind”, it stops people to see through. When the reader meets Liesel her story starts on a blank slate, it is pure white. Liesel is such a closed book, we know absolutely nothing. We learn that the two people she dearly loves leave her, one through death and the other through abandonment. “It felt as though the whole world was dressed in a blanket of snow”, this hyperbole accentuate’s Liesels overwhelming feeling of sadness and anger. As the weather depicts Liesel’s emotions it is pathetic fallacy reflecting the mood of the current scene at the beginning of the book, Werner’s funeral. White 


Point Two:


Point Three: “Next a signature black”, this is the third colour death sees in Liesel’s multitude of colours. 



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