A) To construct and deliver a seminar on a topic, issue, idea conflict (use of language, character etc) that has been presented in a text this year. *You must present at least two different perspectives or interpretations/viewpoints of this aspect in the text. Seminar – COLOUR IN THE BOOK THIEF What I see is not what […]

2. Analyse how language features were used to create a vivid setting RED, WHITE BLACK, three colours at the beginning of the text which death talks about. They are the three colours of the era, world war two.  Each colour sets the atmosphere, gives the reader a feeling. The colours that death uses at the beginning […]

Broken Windows Article The broken windows is a criminological theory proposed by two New York City police officers George Kelling and James Wilson in 1982. The theory is that visible signs of crime, civil disorder and anti-social behaviour cause more and worse crime. “Broken Windows” is the metaphorical name to justify what the police wanted […]

1) Initially what would you imagine a person who steals books to be like? Untrustworthy? Mysterious? Evil? How does Liesel differ from your initial notions of who a “book thief would be”? If someone asked me what I thought of the name “the book thief” I would immediately trace that to someone who is curious. A […]

Who is Rudy? Compile a list of details that establish who Rudy is in the text, “The Book Thief”. Include general details such as age, personality, family, beliefs, likes, desires, dislikes/frustrations, activities, hobbies, sports. Significantly include what Rudy represents in the text: consider his appearance, the “Jesse Owens” incident, his family’s situation in Molching, his […]

GRAVE DIGGER’S HANDBOOK The significance of the Grave Diggers Handbook to Liesel is that it is a memento that she takes to keep a connection with her Brother’s death. As a little girl Liesel knows that she may never visit that grave spot to visit her brother again, so the book takes her back. To […]

Liesel: “For Liesel Meminger, there was the imprisoned stiffness of movement, and the staggered onslaught of thoughts.” All she knows is pain and suffering. Liesel can’t read but she seems to understand all of her thoughts although she may be vulnerable. When liesel arrives at the Hubermanns on Himmel street she holds back, resistant to […]

The Prologue: Colour Imagery What do EACH of these colours represent in these pages? What do they show is taking place? What atmosphere or feeling is created around the characters and events through this colour imagery? What do the colours make you think of? “First up is something white. Of the blinding kind.” Death starts […]

Select quotations in the text that reveal important information about the narrator Death. Explain what these quotations tell you about this character and reflect on the author’s purpose in the lines you have chosen: What was Markus Zusak wanting to convey through these lines? How does this representation assist to develop ideas, events, the setting purposefully […]

Exposure- Wilfred Owen Identify 5/6 examples of language techniques used in this poem. Explain why you think these examples (and techniques) were used. What ideas, experiences, events and atmosphere do they convey?         How is the idea of “exposure” (being dangerously exposed to the natural elements/weather) represented in the poem? How is the […]